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The Criminal Element

Welcome to Hell

Serial Killers, Mass Murders ...and Solitary loners


Death Threats on the Net - 15/06/97

Ottawa - Police have charged a man after death threats were sent to a woman over the Internet. The messages were sent while she was accessing Freenet. Police traced the messagesto a computer in a home in Nepean, a suburb of Ottawa.

After the Montréal Massacre

Dec. 6th, 1999 - 10 yrs later

Canadian DNA Data Bank - RCMP -

Canadian Society of Forensic Science


Canadians against Violence: "Across Canada, about 50 children a year are killed by a family member - There were 17 child murders in Quebec in 1996."

CIA Assassination Techniques

Columbine High School Shooting - April '99

Trench Coat Mafia - these ain't no goths

Dark Side of the News

Media's Incorrect Usage of "Gothic" In Colorado Tragedy

Horror at Taber High - Teen Killed by 14 yr-old

Copycat tragedy in Alberta

Heaven's Gate Mass Suicide Site

Luis Alfredo Garavito -The World's Newest Serial killer
Confessed to Colombian police to killing at least 140 boys - Oct. 29th, 1999
Mass Murderer Hit List

"In the past 10 years, 106 inmates killed themselves in Quebec penal institutions, giving the province the highest jail-suicide rate in Canada."

Order of the Solar Temple
Mass suicide cult - A total of 69 members, including the sect's Canadian founder, Luc Jouret, have perished by there own hands.
Paul Bernardo/Karla Homolka Site see also: here
Karla resides in the women's prison in Joliette, QC. She works in the grocery - dispensing & preparing food and is apparently a model prisoner who has earned her degree in psychology. Update: Nov. 2000 - Karla was tranferred to a Saskkatoon psychiatric centre after photos of her living it up in prison with fellow sex offender Christina Sherry were released to the press.
Pierre Lebrun - Ottawa - April 6th - 1999
Employee kills 4 co-workers & himself

Michael Wayne McGray - Canada's worst serial killer?

William Fyfe charged with more murders - June, 2000

Serial Killers: In their own words...

Sondra London's Banned Site

Dark & Gruesome Links

Now that you're Dead - R.I.P. & Funerals

In Memoriam

...don't worry, one day we're all going to die....

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