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Welcome to the House of Geko.

On the 8th day of the 13th sign - in the year of

the Geko - the one eyed man will be King ...

"And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and

it had one eye like a Cyclops, and it spoke as a dragon" (13:11)


...for the experimental female

Ses yeux sont une flamme de feu; sur sa tete se trouvent plusieurs diademes; il porte un nom ecrit, que nul ne connait, sinon lui. (19,12)

Do Not Continue If You Are Offended By Open Mindedness &

the Intensity of ritualistic commitment to a long term relationship.

Participation involves the following activities...

*assertive sexual foreplay & hand to hand combat*

*ceremony of magical moments and tenderness*

*creation of your own skin code system*

*dark intimate sleeping rituals*

*oracular test of mutual masturbation*

*public displays of erotic passion & human affection*

*practice of the ancient art of seduction*

*test of prolonged eye contact*

*tribal body painting & contact dance*

*worship to the goddess of oral pleasure*

The Count down has begun

...the search is on...

*Candidates for selection must be female ...obviously*

...and should be from the Montreal area.

To obtain rite of passage into The House of Geko

you know what to do...

Travis Geko

Your Cult Leader & Webmaster - ICQ 6185896

"The harder you bite, the more I'll love you"

Are you really that afraid of a satirical personal ads?

I'm also keeeping an eye out for an female aliens ...

If I'm not good enough.... try the Gothic Personals

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