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Suicide, Murder and Death

Welcome to your Destiny

*Beware - This is a morbid page of extremely bad taste*

"If you can't laugh about death you might as well kill yourself"

Contains suicide prevention resources

Potential suicide victims since Nov. 12/00 at 00:25

Don't let the holidays get you down

Anti-Xmas in Montreal

Thinking of killing yourself's time to call:

Suicide-Action Montreal: 514-723-4000

They handle approximately 25,000 calls a year and may be able to talk you out of it.

...or Teen Survivors of Suicide: 514-937-5351

Basic Statistics

"Suicide is one of the 10 leading causes of death in Canada, killing

more people than Aids. 4,000 Canadians kill themselves every year."

"Four out of every five suicides are Male - Women are more likely to

talk about or attempt suicide, while men are more likely to carry it out.

In 1999, 1,600 people committed suicide in Quebec... In 1997, 1,351 people

- 1,071 were men; and in 1996 1,463 people took their lives.

"Homosexuals between the ages of 14 and 30 are 3 times as likely to

consider suicide than are hetrosexuals" and "Men on Quebec farms kill

themselves at more than twice the rate of those in other provinces"

In other words, if you're a homosexual farmer...

a.s.h. -
resource guide & links

L'Association Québécoise de Suicidologie

Carrefour Intervention Suicide - Quebec


Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention

Suicide & Suicide Prevention

"Suicidal thoughts linked to a faulty gene " - 29/01/00

Maybe you just have a genetic predisposition to suicide?

"In 1995, Quebec had the highest suicide rate in Canada 19.5 per 100,000 people, the rate for Canada as a whole was 13.3....from 1992-95 the rate on the island of Montreal was 14.7. In Japan 17.2 out of every 100,000 take their lives every year - in 1997 - 24,391 Japanese committed suicide."

A study based on 1996 data in New Brunswick estimates that "Suicides cost society $850,000 each" ...this includes health care services, autopsies, funerals, police investigations and the indirect costs from lost productivity and earnings.

Others argue that is the "botched" suicide - 40 and 100 times as many, who harm themselves and end up in intensive-care units and therapy for themselves and their loved ones that is more costly.

Church of Euthanasia

Basic Mercy Killing

The Suicide

actual video of a man taking his life

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

Russian Roulette

"Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Reno have higher suicide rates

than comparably sized cities without gambling, in 1990 Las Vegas

had the highest suicide rate in the U.S. - 497." Montreal has a Casino!!!

Double suicide through the Net - 10/00

A Japanese dentist and young woman who met over an internet site that provides information

on how to kill yourself, apparently committed double suicide at the man's home...

...the next step is up to you...

The Criminal Element

Thinking of killing others...

Remember, everyone has the right to die...

Serial Killers, Mass Murders ...and Solitary loners

In Memoriam

Now that you're Dead - R.I.P. & Funerals

...don't worry, one day we're all going to die....

I will die March 10th, 2034 - How about you?

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