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In Memoriam

Chriss Lee is not Dead

Now that you're Dead


Highway death was Suicide - 4/07/98 - Montréal

"The remains of a 43 yr. old woman were found on Highway 15, near the Atwater exit. At first, Police believed she had been thrown out of a car - but received phone calls saying she had been seen walking along the highway. Several drivers had driven over the woman but didn't stop because they didn't know what they had hit. It is estimated that 7or 8 cars ran over her before police got to the scene."

Death's Garden

Relationships with Cemeteries

Funeral Homes In Quebec & Canada

In Memoriam

"live" Funeral via the net - How to make a will ...en français

"Quebec is among the industrialized countries with the highest mortality rates for men from cancer, suicide and the cumulative incidence of AIDS." - 9/10/97

Internet Cremation Society

Cremation is performed in 31% of all deaths in Quebec

St. Seraphim Cemetery - Rawdon, QC

*Sorry I haven't been keeping up with recent deaths

Andre (Dédé) Fortin - founder and lead singer of the local Quebec rock group

Les Colocs stabbed himself to death on May 10th, 2000. He was 38.

Christian Vézina - local film techie, found beaten to death on May 12th, 2000,

His body was found by a passer-by on Clark street - age 34.

His Killer(s) are still being sought.

David Strickland - Suddenly Susan co-star - committed suicide by hanging

himself in a Las Vegas motel March 22nd 1999 at the age of 29.

Gaétain Girouard - Popular J.E. TVA Host - committed suicide

in his St-Foy Home on January 14th, 1999 at the age of 33.

David L. Macleod - 1944-1998 - On Dec. 6th, the fugitive film producer

(Reds) and convicted pedophile was found dead with a can of lighter fluid in

his hand on a downtown Montreal street.

Pauline Julien - May 23rd, 1928 - October 1st, 1998

Nationalist Quebec chanteuse - Suicide

Phil Hartman - 1948 - 1998

Killed by his wife in his sleep

Wendy O Williams - 1949 - 1998

Shock Rocker from the Plasmatics - Suicide

Nick Auf Der Maur - April 9th, 1942 - April 7th, 1998

Respected Montreal Journalist and father of Melissa, bassist in HOLE.

See also: Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note

Jean Maurice Levesque - May 22nd, 1941 - January 13th, 1998

The man who once said to me - "I thought you were dead"

Québecois director Jean-Claude Lauzon - age 43 - Léolo,

actress Marie-Soleil Tougas - age 27 - (Jasmine) died in a a fatal

plane crash on August 10th, 1997 in Northern Québec, while on

a fishing vacation. This is a great loss... They will be dearly missed.

You can visit their tribute page Hommage...en français

Princess Diana Killed in Paris Car Crash

30/09/97....Report by CNN

I Hate Princess Diana... hate sites.

Gordon Nyeste - 1967 - 1997

Drugs kill again... Now I'll never get my $10.00 back

William S. Burroughs - 1914 - 1997

"How I hate those who are dedicated to producing conformity"

How Brandon Lee really Died!

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